Want To Be Sure Your Stuff Is Safe?

Life is not always what it is supposed to be. Sometimes there are things that get in the way, and it isn’t always bad. You might be combining two homes into one when you decide the love of your life should come and live with you all the time. Perhaps you don’t need the baby things any more because your little one is a toddler now, but your sister – she is going to need it in about 9 months.

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What we all have in common is often we need a place to put the things we don’t need every single day, but we don’t want to get rid of. Using a small unit for personal storage near me petaluma might be just what you’re looking for.

Sometimes you don’t need a big space to store things, but you need more than you’ve got. A small storage locker is the answer. You can choose a place that is custom built, so you know it is not going to be damp, it is protected from leaks and your things are not going to deteriorate while in storage or get damaged.

The next thing is that you also can be sure storage is going to be secure. You might not want to leave the huge bag of money there, but pretty much everything else is good to go. Lockers are well, locked and only you have the access code. People’s comings and goings are monitored and anyone who is not a customer is denied access.

One last thing – someone from the facility will check your things too. They don’t check the contents obviously, but they do a walk by more on a regular basis so that they check the locks and make sure nothing is tampered with.